THE DANCE OF THE SOUL  – Gallipoli, Salento

Pizzica pizzica workshop with Antonella Screti

Gallipoli (LE) 31/3 to 1/4 2018

To dance to the ‘music that heals’ is to feel the whole body in a pleasant way, letting it flow according to its own personal flow.
Dancing on the rhythms and melodies of iatromusica, or ‘music that heals’, gives us the opportunity to get in touch with our body, to listen to it, letting it manifest itself with confidence, according to its own natural flow.
When the person dances, the whole person is dancing, not just the physical body, and we can enter in harmonic contact with the energetic body and with the emotional one.
We finally become one and we can open the doors to the space-without-time of Well-Being.


All forms of archaic dance have this undeniable therapeutic effect.
In ancient times all populations of the Planet, regardless of the places and the historical time in which they lived, used the combination of ‘vibration and movement’ to maintain or recover the sense of well-being.
Bioenergetic movements geared to promote health, which is activated by beating alternately or simultaneously the feet, following the rhythm, with the perception of the deep and sensitive contact that is created with the earth, a natural element that embraces our mental, emotional and energetic burdens.

’Pizzica Pizzica’

‘Tarantelle’ are particularly engaging and effective dances.
The tarantella salentina or ‘pizzica pizzica’ is the most extraordinarily effective. So much so as to be always considered dance therapy.
Its proven origins go back to the ‘corybant’ (from the Korybantes in Greek mythology) rituals of at least 3,500 years ago; an even earlier date is considered very probable.
The therapeutic value and the tradition of this archaic dance have been recognized for over a decade as an intangible asset in the WORLD HERITAGE OF HUMANITY.
The music used is essentially the ‘pizzica pizzica’, an archaic and powerful system of earth-human-sky vibrations, dating back (with proven documentation) to the time of the Dionysian rituals. An even older existence is not excluded.


It is suitable for anyone who wants to feel good, feel better, or start to understand and explore the secret parts of himself.
Through specific music, breathing and certain movements, the energy centers vibrate in the dancing body.
Thus we enter into very pleasant meditative dimensions, where tensions, stress, contractures relax, the organs are oxygenated in depth, the mind relaxes.
There will be a theoretical part to understand: ‘what’ really is the ‘pizzica’; why it is cathartic; why is it so engaging to exist, and to resist, in its various forms and evolutions, for over 1,500 years a. C. (A. Infantino, The secred code); from what or ‘who’ originates its name and the related trance.


Besides the dance workshops there will be some healing meditations. This is a powerful time of the year to make rituals.
We will take a swim in the sacred spring waters of “Porto Selvaggio” and we’ll make a ritual to be healed by the fullmoon rays reflecting into the pure water.
You will make tours to Sacred Sites in Salento where you will discover the ancient myths and legends connected to the land.


You will stay in a luxury 4 star Hotel in the countryside near Gallipoli.
The lab will be held in the beautiful gardens with an ancient underground olive oil mill, surrounded by olive trees, an orchard and the mediterranean scrub.
We will serve Mediterranean food made with love, following the recipes of our rural cuisine integrated with the principles of macrobiotic and vegetarian cuisine.


The Laboratory is open to everyone; also to children, with adequate autonomy, and to persons with mild physical disabilities.



Arrival in the morning, accommodation in rooms.
Afternoon: walk to the historical center of Gallipoli, on this day, Easter Friday, there’s an historical procession going on. Dinner and introduction to the history of pizzica


Breakfast, pizzica workshop, lunch
Afternoon: pizzica workshop, dinner, pizzica workshop
Breakfast, tambourine workshop, lunch.
Afternoon: workshop, dinner. Zen walk in the Park of Porto Selvaggio, full moon bath, healing ritual.


Breakfast and departure



Breakfast and departure for Calimera for the ‘Lunedì dell’Angelo’ celebrations (Easter Monday, day of rebirth), near the small temple dedicated to San Vito where every year the pagan rites of fertility are celebrated. It is propitious to go beyond the “perforated rock” to assure the grace of it: to have rich sonship and to avert the dangers of childbirth and to wish for a year of fertility. Songs in griko, pizziche. Packed lunch. Dinner.


Meditation, breakfast. Free day.


Breakfast, visit of Otranto. Packed lunch.
Afternoon: pond of the Bauxite quarry, meditation. Dinner.


Breakfast, visit to the mythical hill of “Ninfa and Fanciulli” “Lu letto te la vecchia”, “lu Furticiddhu te la vecchia de lu nanni”, the “foot of Hercules”. Lunch. Free afternoon. Dinner.


Breakfast, departure

by Alessandra Ambika Bosna

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